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On Women, Men, and Islands

By on July 7, 2015

Women are the reason men flee to islands.
And also the reason men fly home from islands.
Islands are metaphors of the heart.
It’s a place that you go to be alone.
A seismological rift in the earth’s crust
that allows a piece of land to exist
amidst a vast ocean in the middle of nowhere.
Surrounded by water, the true source of life,
which replaces the woman (the other source of life).
We can’t live with them and we can’t live without them.
We can’t live on an island forever
because we don’t know what will happen to us
if we never leave the island.
We can’t not go to the island
because we don’t know what will become of us
if we stay on the mainland.
The island is the purgatory of the heart.
The island is where we find ourself.
The island is where we find love.
The island is where we find the meaning of true friendship.
The island is where we learn the true meaning of survival.
The island is the only thing that understands us
because we are islands ourselves.
Sharing an island with other souls is
sharing your soul with other islands.
We’ll never be alone and we’ll never be more alone
than when standing atop the shores of an island.
Do not come to my island if you expect to meet a man with a censor.
Do not come to an island with a censor
because it will be sensed in an instant.
There are no walls, there is no where to hide.
You will face your neighbors, friends, foes,
constantly and vulnerably
for the duration of your stay on said island.
You will hug your enemies.
You will fuck your friends.
You will buy your enemy a shot
and drink the shot with your friend’s enemy.
There is nowhere to go.
If you fight tonight, you fight yourself tomorrow.
If you choose to speak the truth tonight,
the truth will lie to you tomorrow.
No one knows the facts of life deeper than those who know their kin
whilst coexisting on an island.




July 7, 2015


Rick Robbins
Oslo, Norway

Instagram: @apirateslife
Snapchat: RICKER

I left California in 2011 to find the perfect beer.
This is where I choose to discuss life, gear, electronics, music, travel & more in search
of a more colorful human experience.